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Equipment Maintenance System (EMS)

Equipment Maintenenance System (EMS) deals with the effective maintenance of the equipment by computerized maintenance system. It deals with the entire details of the equipments with giving exact information about the equipment, in a precise format. EMS handles the crucial task of alerting when maintenance is due. It provides status tracking of schedules and activities. It routines the maintenance that prevents costly downtime.

Equipment Maintenenance System is used to ensure constant uptime of the equipments and to control maintenance costs. EMS provides visibility into the equipment inventory, maintenance/repair costs with easy status tracking of schedules and activities. It produce status report and the details of maintenance activities.

The status report of the completed task can be updated through online reporting system. The pop up message box helps in alerting the system when maintenance work is due. The dash board helps to show the task which is not completed. System will allow in viewing the history of equipments including the service history.

The data about equipment including maintenance activities, specifications, warranty information, service history, current service date, due date, renewal date and next service date are recorded. The administrator can edit & update the completed task through online reporting system. The pop up message box is used for alerting when the admin login the system.

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Updated on :03-08-2014