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May I Help you (MIHU)

May I Help You (MIHU) is very efficient web-based help desk software for knowledgebase management and customer support automation over the Internet. MIHU deals with the entire details of the solution of any issues raised by the customer. The system is deployed as a cost-effective hosted solution to manage and analyze all the customer requests from a centralized location. It allows the customers to ask you questions and manage your staff with unique Ticket ID. And also it allows you to manage your support services more efficiently, treating each and every incoming request as a unique, traceable ticket.

The MIHU help desk software assigns unique number to each service request and saves it in the database to review at any time. The Trouble Ticket Express software will automatically produce easy to follow instructions how to submit follow-up messages and monitor ticket progress. Then it will broadcast e-mail notifications to all service operators announcing new customer inquiry.

MIHU easily manages the customer's submitted issues, replies and more through this ticket management system. Create custom fields for each department. Clients can submit tickets without being registered. The automated mail will be sent to both customer and administrator which contain the issue of the customer. It will help the customer to resolve their problems immediately without any time delay so that it enables the customer to rectify their problems. The administrator can track and analyze their issue by the feature automatic email system. The email will report their problem to the admin when every user submits their issue.

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Updated on :03-08-2014